A Planet Friendly Party

At The Party Pirate we love a celebration, but we also have a duty to care for our planet.

We all have a part to play and our little shop is committed to pursuing our eco-journey. These are some of the changes we have made recently.


Our Products

Planet Friendly Product

  • We are committed to growing our selection of eco-friendly and reusable party supplies. We already have an eco-friendly section on our website where you can quickly see all the products that we have carefully chosen.
  • We can advise our customers on the best eco-friendly products and how other products can be reused or recycled.
  • We are continually searching for suppliers that can provide eco-friendly alternatives.
  • When possible we purchase in large quantities to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Website

  • We use a carbon-neutral web hosting company.

Our Packaging

  • We minimise our packaging as much as possible, and try to use recyclable or reused packaging. You may sometimes find bubble wrap protecting your order which we reuse from our deliveries rather than send to landfill.
  • Many of our products will be supplied loose to reduce packaging, although some already come from our suppliers pre-packaged.
  • We will use the smallest size box for your order to avoid over-packaging and will only use one box, rather than a box in a box.
  • We take care to separate all our waste and reuse or recycle as much as we can.
  • We are continually moving towards more sustainable packaging as it becomes available.

Members of PEBA

PEBA Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance Member