Disposing of Balloons Responsibly

PEBA Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance MemberWe all love balloons at a party, what else give such a cheery burst of colour to a celebration. But to protect our environment it is essential that we know how to dispose of our balloons correctly. There is much conflicting advice on how best to dispose of balloons and their impact on the environment.

The Party Pirate is a proud member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. PEBA’s  members do not support or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons. Members of PEBA are committed to educating their clients, venue managers and the general public, by all possible means, in the responsible use and disposal of balloons. PIN IT & BIN IT!

The best way to dispose of your balloons depends on what they are made of:

Latex balloons are NOT plastic

Latex balloons are a plant-based product made from natural rubber which does breakdown. It is thought a latex balloon will decompose at roughly the same rate as an oak leaf, but depending on the conditions it ends up in, could take from 1 – 3 years to fully decompose.

The best way to dispose of your balloon, is with your regular household waste where it will end up in landfill and decompose naturally.

If you release your balloons into the air, they will still decompose, but where they land could cause harm to wildlife and marine life. So please remember to hold on to your balloons and “Pin it and bin it”

The Party Pirate DOES NOT support balloon releases and urges all our customers “Don’t let go!”

Leading manufacturers source their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations. This contributes to building healthy forests, thriving communities and fights climate change.

Medical Helium is NOT used to inflate balloons

Supagas, a leading supplier of helium explains that the helium used to inflate balloons is not pure enough for medical or scientific use. It is a by-product gathered during the production of medical grade helium. The majority of liquid helium boils off in the transfer process.


Instead of wasting this resource, it is collected and recycled. The sale of balloon gas offsets the cost of medical helium.

Pin it and bin it Don't let it go Be the change

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