Earth Piñata Tutorial – Guest Blog by Robyn Embrey

Earth Piñata Tutorial – Guest Blog by Robyn Embrey
April 22, 2019 PirateCaptain
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Earth Pinata

How to make an Earth Piñata in 10 steps

Follow our simple tutorial to make your own Earth Piñata for your next party. So, my little (space obsessed) boy turned 5 recently, so we had a space themed birthday party at our house. We had a bouncy castle with space men on, spacey decorations and fruit rockets, and I made a moon landing cake, which you can read about here. But to go with it I also spent half term making a Piñata too look like Earth. Here’s how:

You’ll need:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Punch Balloons (from The Party Pirate shop)
  • Paint brush
  • String
  • Paint
  • Sweets (and whatever else your going to put inside)
  • Nicely brewed cup of tea (for you)
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Step One – Get prepped.

Make your tea!

Mix a cup of water and a cup of flour to make your paste.

Rip up your newspaper into strips.

Cover your work space.

Blow up your balloon to the size you want it, ours was quite big.

Step 2

Paper mache balloon

Lay your blown balloon onto your work surface and paste some of your flour mixture onto the balloon.

Put a piece of newspaper over the paste and paste on some more using your paint brush.

Step 3

Repeat all over the balloon until it’s all covered. Remember to leave a hole in the bottom of your piñata to fill it and one in the top to thread the string and hang it.

Step 4

Paper mache hanging to dry

Let it dry.

I hung mine on the washing line to dry on a hot day.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2-4

I did mine 2-3 times a day for about 10 days. But it did mean that the kids where smacking the thing for ages! On the plus side, everyone had a turn, on the down side, my poor husband was holding it up for ages!

Step 6

String to hang pinata

Make 2 small holes either side of your top hole and thread through the string so you can hang it up for hitting.

Step 7

When your happy with your layers repeat the steps again but this time using plain white paper or kitchen roll. It’s easier to paint over.

Step 8

Pinata Sweets

Fill up your piñata. We used sweets, little musical toys and party poppers.

Step 9

Paint it

Step 10

Earth Pinata

Hoodwink your significant other and their friend (I used my husband and the unwilling husband of my pal) to hold a broom handle with the piñata in the middle of it and allow around 10 4-5 year-olds to smack the hell out of it with a stick (which we bought).

***No husbands were injured in the making/using of this piñata***

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Our guest blogger Robyn Embrey is a mum, blogger and writer with her debut children’s book coming out later this year. You can read about more of her work on her website Robyn Writes

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