Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks
February 25, 2014 PirateCaptain
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Our girls love glow sticks, but we never really do much with them except snap them in the evening, then they take them to bed with them and don’t really get to see much as they are asleep then.

But last night we tried this really simple game with them instead, which was so much fun.

You just need a couple of packs of the thin glowsticks, the more the better but we used two packs which was 20 glowsticks.


Then snap them all at once, turn off all the lights and use them to play the traditional game of pick-up-sticks. Where you each take a turn to pick up as many sticks as you can one at a time, but if you move another stick then it’s the end of your turn. The girls loved playing this in the dark and we played over an over again until bedtime.

This would be a really fun game for sleepovers or slumber parties.

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