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Deck The Halls With Our Festive Christmas Balloons. Check Out Our Range From Candy Canes To Gingerbreadmen! 100% biodegradable latex balloons and colourful foil balloons. Balloon garlands and arches.

Order online from our UK party shop and we will deliver them to you – or you can click & collect your order from our premises in Bath.

There’s nothing better than balloons to set the party scene. Make a colourful arch or backdrop. Tie them to walls and ceilings to define a space. Fill them with helium and tie them with strings to create walkways or paths. It’s the quintessential party decoration – no celebration or event is complete without them. Kids love them.

Our latex balloons are not plastic! Latex is a natural plant-based material and will decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf. To dispose of these balloons, just put them with your regular household waste so they can breakdown naturally. Do not let them float away though where they could land and cause harm to wildlife and marinelife. Our motto is “Pin it and Bin it”

The Party Pirate is a proud member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance.

PEBA Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance Member