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Environmentally friendly paper straws in a huge range of colours and patterns. For all your party and celebration drinks.

Avoid single use plastic straws which can be devastating for the environment. Plastic straws take hundreds of years to break down and can be harmful to wildlife and marine life.

Choose paper as a bright fun alternative with a cool retro vibe and help the environment too. Paper straws are compostable and biodegradable and made from renewable materials.

Paper straws can be more fun than plastic too, they come in an endless array of fantastic patterns and colours, so mix and match with your party theme.

As well as environmental awareness, paperstraws are also a great plastic alternative for those who can’t sip from a regular cup or who risk injury from using harder straws like glass and metal. This could include the elderly and motor-impaired. Many big corporations have been criticised by disabled communities for taking away the plastic straw option entirely. Soft straws make something as simple as independently enjoying a drink possible for those who physically have trouble.

Choose eco-friendly paper straws and say yes to a cleaner earth, ocean and environment.