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A Pick ‘n’ Mix Party – what a great idea!

Your party doesn’t have to have a special theme or character, a pick ‘n’ mix party can look even more fabulous. Why not just choose a selection of your favourite colours and patterns to create a superb party table that will wow all your guests. The trick is to pick ‘n’ mix items that are different but to compliment each other or are matched with a unique characteristic. For instance they could all feature a metallic detail or all use pastel colours.

Pick ‘n’ Mix parties always looks great as they can show an explosion of colour that shouts celebration! And better still you can use any other decorations and tableware that you already own to add to the decorations.

Here you can find a selection of our products that have carefully been chosen to look great in any combination. So you don’t need to worry about a particular theme, you can just throw a great looking party!