ReCycleMe Medium Craft Kit – Princess Dress Up

ReCycleMe Medium Craft Kit – Princess Dress Up


Planet Friendly Product

This ReCycleMe box contains all the accessories you need to turn your household rubbish into a accessories to turn you into a Princess!

The Princess Dress-Up box includes instructions for creating a wand, a crown, mirror and bracelets from cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes, old CDs and plastic bottles along with all the accessories inside the box (including, ribbon, coloured card, pompoms and pain). All you need is some glue and a pair of scissors. Ideal for gifting, or just for having fun with your family!

Dimensions of box: 25 * 22 * 5 cm

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ReCycleMe is a winner!!

Against stiff competition, ReCycleMe was awarded the win in the Design and Craft Product category of the 2022 Gift of the Year Awards!

ReCycleMe is one of a number of brands created by Fun2Give – a Dutch company who believes in a world where children & their parents become more aware of the amount of rubbish they produce, a world where children help to reduce this, by recycling or re-using.  The concept of the brand is to provide a complete ‘kit’ for creating art projects at home using everyday household rubbish, like toilet rolls, plastic bottles, tin cans and egg boxes.

“We created Re-Cycle-Me because we understand that waste and how we choose to handle it, affects our planet. ​We want every kid to feel empowered and learn to create new toys with disposables that they can find at home.  

  • Reduce the waste you create 

  • Reuse it and give it a new life

  • Recycle and have fun with your family and friends”